Damp and Humidity

Damp walls or humidity in a property can be extremely damaging. If untreated, the building can start to decay, causing structural damage, which can be very costly to repair. Damp or humidity doesn’t only damage your home, your families health is also at risk as moisture stimulates the growth of mould releasing spores in to the air. Treating humidity and mould in your building is a must for your health too. Once installed, our product eliminates bed smell  humidity, dampness and mould completely.



Humidity isn’t something to be ignored. Damp houses have been proven beyond any doubt to cause respiratory illnesses and host of other illnesses like arthritis, rheumatism and asthma which can wreck your health. Small children who grow up in these situations are more susceptible to these conditions.

Top reasons to eliminate mould from your living space


Moisture is the prime breeding ground of bacteria. No amount of anti-bacterial cleaning products can clean any damp house. When inhaled, these can exacerbate respiratory diseases such as asthma, particularly in older people and young children.


The presence of humidity and mould in a home poses a higher risk of cockroach infestation. Such conditions are not healthy environments for asthmatic kids.

General Health

Medical studies have proved that people get sick from living, sleeping and working in damp places, having dampness, the smell and the visibility of mould as the main indicators. An emerging data suggests that mould itself can cause respiratory and allergic reactions.

Our Solution

We offer an exclusive range of damp & humidity solutions. With more than 28 years of experience in Malta, our solutions are proofed and tested. Our termite free anti-humidity boards range from a minimum thickness of 4mm (internal use) up to 8mm (external use). We can remedy both internal and external damp / humidity problems quickly and effectively thus eliminating the smell, making the walls worth looking at and helping you forget about the humidity and dampness.

Our work is backed with a Signed Lifetime Guarantee.

Don’t Worry!! We keep disruption and inconvenience to a minimum.

You are invited to visit our showroom to see our full anti-humidity product range. We provide a FREE onsite consultation and explain in detail what the solution will entail. Once the problem is eliminated, humidity or dampness won’t be able to appear on our anti-humidity boards!

Our anti-humidity boards are a perfect solution when dealing with walls having high levels of humidity where tiles or marble cannot be adhered to. With 8mm or 10mm boards, face in (the rough surface of the board on the outside) they provide much STRONGER grip to install tiles, granite, marble, stone skin and more. This solution keeps material fixed intact for many years without any problems.

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