Insulation Boards

Insulation Boards

Our high-performance insulation system is as versatile as it is effective, easy to fit to the floor, wall, or ceiling.

Ideal for new build or refurbishment projects and meets all current building regulations. Our insulation process provides excellent thermal performance which is up to 100% more efficient than many mineral fibre products which saves you energy bills.

The insulated boards, of dimensions 120cm x 240cm, are constructed of high quality, anti -humidity insulation boards with a layer of polystyrene which is compressed as the board is moulded. Thickness is 16mm which include 10mm polystyrene and 6mm anti-humidity boards.This makes it strong and fire resistant insulation board which is light, easy to fit and resist humidity and mould.

Some specifications include :

  • Water proof and non- corrosive.
  • Resist to termite.
  • Resistant for high impact depending on thickness.
  • Good heat resistant for comfort homes, offices and industrial.
  • Easy to install and customize your design.
  • Asbestos free.
  • Resist hot and cold temperatures.

These boards are the new generation of fibre materials which are made from silica, cement, resin and special cellulose that give the strength, durability and elasticity all in one. They are produced with Autoclave technology, specially designed for ceiling and walls for internal applications.

Internal Insulation

Insulated Roof Slabs

Insulated roof slabs are highly recommended for use in new and old buildings.

Our high-performance and cost-effective insulated roof slabs deliver a high thermal performance thus assuring our clients the best investment they can make when insulating their building. Most importantly, one can benefit from lower energy bills as the use of electrical heaters and air conditioners are drastically reduced. This makes them environmentally friendly. Slabs are available at a thickness of 68mm or 70mm. They consist of an 8mm or 10mm thick anti-humidity board and 60mm thick, dense polystyrene which make them durable, strong and safe to walk on. Each slab can take up a weight of 90 kilos /m² and can easily hold a person’s weight and walking traffic.

The three options of Installation

  • First Option is Insulated Roof Slabs are installed by placing them directly on to existing roofs whether it’s old or new. The process of installing slabs on to existing concrete involves attaching two screws at the end of each slab. After the slabs installation is completed, a carpet membrane is required to complete the sealing stage.
  • Second option is during the construction process of the roof, Insulated Roof Slabs can be installed between the first and the second layer of concrete (i.e. under the screed ‘kontrabejt’), one must apply gravel under and on top of the slabs depending on the requirements. When choosing this option there’s no need to proceed with carpet membrane.
  • Third option is that of placing Insulated Roof Slabs on thin layer of gravel on first layer of roof concrete. Thus eliminates the application of traditional screed (kontrabejt) top roof layer considering saving money and additional weight on roof tops. After the slabs installation is completed, a carpet membrane is required to complete the sealing stage.

Insulated slabs can also be installed:

  • On ground floor level, underneath floor tiles, to insulate floor or protect from humidity.
  • As wall cladding, for all kinds of building (for example: facades, side walls, back walls, shafts, wash-rooms, yards, etc.)
Roof Slabs Insulated

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