Coving & Trims

All coving and trims are made from polyurethane material. Each strip is 240cm in length and comes with acrylic finishing. They can be attached with Liquid Nail whilst acrylic can be used to seal off edges. Available in various designs and models which can be viewed in our showroom. It is highly recommended to take note of the model numbers when making enquiries both via email, on the phone or when visiting our showroom. Liquid Nail is available from stock from our showroom as well.

CP-12104     12104




CP-12105     12105




CP-12106     12106




CP-12110     12110




CP-12114     12114




CP-12117     12117




CP-12145     12145




CP-12147     12147




CP-12156     12156




CP-12161     12161




CP-12180     12180




CP-12189     12189




CP-12210     12210




CP-12213     12213




CP-14314     14314




CP-14325     14325




CP-14332     14332

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