About Us

About Us

Since 1988, Creative Projects has been assisting clients improve their homes and business buildings. Creative Projects - Retail OutletThrough our research and development, we have achieved the best results in providing the best insulation, humidity & damp solutions and lightweight construction products.
Nowadays, we are proud to be rated one of the sufficient companies that specialises in energy saving and environmentally friendly products and solutions.

Creative Projects offers various proven products such as anti-humidity boards direct to walls, soundproofing, insulated wall boards, insulated slabs for rooftops or flooring and strong, but lightweight insulated construction panels and planks with eco-friendly materials as alternative buildings. These products provide hot and cold insulation.

You can also purchase your internal or external paint, coving, skirting, light fixtures and other decorative material to finish off your home project.

As director and owner of my company, I am always available to provide the best free advice to my clients and supply them with the right and most affordable product or service. Furthermore, I can also provide clear installation instructions for our products should they decide to embark in a DIY project.

Mr Stephen Bezzina



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